Wave picking

The wave picking enables you to group orders together to more effectively manage a wave. You can then perform certain functions on a wave, such as consolidate, mass update, allocate inventory, and release picks. To build this wave, various selection criteria can be used to search for orders that are to be grouped together. The selection criteria can be created using either a regular query or a graphical query. The selection criteria can also be saved and quickly re-used to create the wave. For example, you can search for the shipment orders for a specific business partner, shipment orders with a certain priority, or shipment orders being shipped using a certain carrier. These orders can then be combined in a wave and released for picking.

Wave picking

Allows flexibility in shipment order filtering and building of the Wave
• Provides graphical filters that are a visual to assist the wave building process
• Allows you to configure the application to suit the requirements of the operation
• Provides drill-down capabilities on all order filters
• Allows you to view and update the details of a shipment order, filters, and so on
• Provides easy access to key information on wave orders as the order fulfillment process occurs

The wave picking limited criteria include:

Wave Limits
Restrictions used to apply maximum limits on the size of the wave being created.
Orders Maximum
Maximum number of shipment orders that can be included in the wave. These orders conform to the search criteria you set.
Order Lines Maximum
Maximum number of total order lines that can be included on the wave.
Cube Maximum
Maximum cumulative cubic volume that can be included on the wave. This is calculated using the Order Quantity multiplied by the cube for each item on an order.
Weight Maximum
Maximum cumulative weight that can be included on the wave. This is calculated using the Order Quantity multiplied by the weight for each item on an order.
Routes Maximum
Maximum number of distinct routes that can be included on the wave.
Order Limits
Restrictions used to set minimum and maximum levels on orders that are under consideration for inclusion on the wave.
Order Quantity
Select potential orders for inclusion on the wave based on the total quantity requested on the orders.
Order Lines
Select potential orders to be included on the wave based on the number of lines being ordered. For
example, create a wave all single line orders by using ‘1’ as the Order Lines – Minimum criteria.

Order Cube
Select potential orders based on the total cube ordered.
Order Weight
Select potential orders based on the total weight ordered